Brazen Blaze


Brazen Blaze Open Beta Test Commence!

Greetings, Runners!

Starting April 25th (PDT), the Open Beta Test for Brazen Blaze has started worldwide.

■Download the application
Click here for Meta Quest store (App Lab)
Click here for Steam

Download the Open Beta Test version of the game from either Meta Quest Store or Steam Store from the link above.

■Date & Time
April 25, 2024 - end of June 2024 (tentative) PDT

*The closing date will be announced soon.

■Programs in Official Discord Server


In our official Discord Server “Brazen Blaze”, we are holding “Play to Win!” program, where players could win up to $20.00 for just playing!

Check the details in our Discord server.

■Items Obtainable in the Open Beta


During the Open Beta period, you can obtain pre-release skins, limited-time cards, icon frames, and badges. Additionally, items acquired during the period will be carried over to the official release version.

■How to join Open Beta Test
To be a part of the Open Beta Test, players will need to install the game from the Meta Quest Store or Steam.

Click here to learn how to join Brazen Blaze Open Beta Test.

■More about Open Beta Test
For more information about Brazen Blaze, including the characters, rules, and limited items that can be obtained during the Open Beta Test, please refer to the following announcement.

Click here to learn more about Brazen Blaze Open Beta Test.

Thank you for supporting Brazen Blaze.

*All in-game images and footage in this article are under development

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