Brazen Blaze


Announcing Open Beta Test starting from April 25th, 2024!

Greetings, Runners!

We are thrilled to announce that the starting date for Brazen Blaze Open Beta Test has finally been set to April 25th, 2024 (PDT), and it will start worldwide!

■ Date & Time
April 25, 2024
18:00 - end of June 2024 (tentative) PDT
*The closing date will be announced soon.

■ How to Download
From April 25, 2024 (PDT), the Open Beta version of Brazen Blaze can be downloaded from the Meta Quest Store and Steam Store.

Click here for Meta Quest store (App Lab)
Click here for Steam

■ Official Discord Server
We are sharing more information such as new game rules available from this Open Beta Test and “Closet” to enable players to customize their Runners on our Official Discord Server, “Brazen Blaze”.

Check out the Brazen Blaze Discord server from here!

■ What is Brazen Blaze?
Brazen Blaze is a Smack & Shoot VR Action game with emphasis on close quarter melee combat! Choose from a range of unique Runners each equipped with individual skills meant to destroy whatever blocks your path to sure victory!

■Playable Characters

In the Open Beta Test, you can use 5 Runners - each having unique main weapons and skills! Participate in the Presidential War with your preferred style, using guns, shields, swords, or bombs!


During the Open Beta Test, players could play with 5 Runners, “Riot”, “Legacy”, “Skybolt”, “Velvet”, and “Sunshine”. Feel free to check out the Main Weapons, Skills, Ultimates, and Finishers each Runner uses from the link below.






Game Rules

Stock Team Match

stock team match (1).gif

3v3 team battle where you cooperate with your team members. Each team shares a life pool, and when a team member is defeated, they respawn after a certain amount of time. The victory condition is to reduce the opposing team’s life to zero and defeat all opposing players.


survival (1).gif

A battle with 4 players. Each player starts with 3 lives, and they are eliminated if they die 3 times. Each player competes against the other 3 players, needing to protect themselves while also getting kills. The victory condition is to be the last one standing.


The electoral wars of Brazen Blaze take place in the streets of New York. Let's fly around the gauntlet on stages where the terrain varies with the time of day, between daytime and nighttime!

New York City Daytime


New York City Night


The stage is randomly determined for each match.

Obtainable Items in the Open Beta Period

During the Open Beta period, you can obtain pre-release skins, limited-time cards, icon frames, and badges. Items acquired during the period will be carried over to the Official Release version.


Lobby Features

Battle Pass
Players will receive various rewards and even unlock new features by clearing missions on the Battle Pass that would be updated every month.

Level up your Battle Pass to get Runner Skins, Gestures, and “Magna Credits” which you could spend to purchase items from the Daily Shop.


The following limited items can be redeemed through Battle Pass rewards. Battle Pass will be renewed every month, sp make sure not to miss your chance to get them all!

Runner Skin & Gauntlet Skin


Icon Frame

Brazen Burger
Presidential War

* Above items will not be obtainable after the Open Beta period ends.
* These limited items are rewards for the April, May and June Battle Pass. There are more items available through Battle Pass.
* Acquired items will be carried over to the Official Release.

Daily Shop
Located at the back right of the lobby, the Daily Shop is where you can purchase various items using Magna Credits. The item lineup is updated daily, and all products will rotate through in a 10-day cycle. Even if you miss buying something or don't have enough Magna Credits, rest assured that there will always be another chance!


Not only limited items, players may also earn pre-release skins, cards, icon frames and badges to be carried over to the Official Release!

Keep playing and receive more items to expand your range of coordination!

As introduced in Presidential Bulletin #3, the closet allows you to freely customize your acquired skins, communication goods, and profile.


During the Open Beta period, the following items will be distributed. These items, including limited items available through the Battle Pass, can be carried over to the Official Release version:

Runner skins × 15
Gauntlet skins × 15
Cards × 5
Icons × 6
Icon frames × 6
Badges × 7
Gestures × 5
Stamps × 5
Goods × 3

Updates are planned during the event period.

Thank you for supporting Brazen Blaze.

*All in-game images and footage in this article are under development

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