Brazen Blaze


Open Beta Act: 2 Coming May 21st!

Hello Runners, this is the Brazen Blaze Team.
Act: 2 of the Brazen Blaze Open Beta will start May 21, 2024 PDT.

■Act: 2 Period (PDT)
May 21, 2024 22:00 ~ June 18, 2024 (Updated May 20 PDT)
*End time will be announced on a later date

■New Modes

Custom Match

custom match_en.png

We're adding "Custom Matches" that allows you to create a room and select the game rules and team with up to 6 players! As game rules you can choose from "Survival," "Round Team Match," "Stock Team Match," a new 1v1 rule "Duel," or a new rule "Playground" where you can walk around the stage with up to 6 players.

Additionally, we're adding a "Spectator Feature," allowing you to watch the gameplay of your team members.

Target Challenge

target challenge.png

The "Target Challenge" will be added as a single player mode! The goal is to destroy all the target drones placed throughout the stage within the time limit! Play a lot and aim for further improvement in Brazen!

■Battle Pass Update


After the update, the Battle Pass will be updated, and the available rewards will change.

About the Battle Pass:
The Battle Pass is a limited-time pass that is updated monthly. As you progress through the stages, the Battle Pass level increases, and you can earn Runner skins, gestures, and "Magna Credits" which can be exchanged for items in the daily shop.
*Items obtained can be carried over to the Official Release.

About the rewards for Act: 2 Battle Pass:
Items such as Velvet's exclusive skin and player cards will be available.
Please check the Battle Pass after the update for the list of available items.

Act: 1 Battle Pass End


With the update, the Battle Pass Level for Act:1 will be reset, and the following Open Beta exclusive items included in the Act:1 Battle Pass rewards will no longer be available.

Runner Skins & Gauntlet Skins


Icon Frame

■ Notes
Account linkage is required to carry over exclusive items to the Official Release version.
Images in the article are works in development.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Brazen Blaze Open Beta.

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